Harper Starling spills the tea on dating and relationships in “Cannot Tell A Lie”


The past few months have been quite busy for pop artist Harper Starling, as she gets ready to release her debut album next year.  Back in August, she shared the empowering “No More What If,” which focused on her move from Wisconsin to California to pursue her dreams in show business.  Since then, Harper has issued other versions of the track, which included an acoustic version that was released upon the request of her fans.  Now that “No More What If” has had time to settle in and get comfortable with listeners, Harper is ready to make waves again with another catchy pop anthem “Cannot Tell A Lie.”

Full of intrigue and whimsy, “Cannot Tell A Lie” explores the ups and downs of dating and relationships.  Centered on a lively and crisp beat, the track contains animated guitars, drums, and bass that pull off a classic 80s pop vibe.  Over the invigorating sound, Harper describes the games that she gets into with her exes, who keep blowing up her phone and watching her every move on Instagram.  She sings, “It’s not like I was innocent / I locked into his eyes / I know I willed him over / Cannot tell a lie,” filling us in on how easy it is to get caught up in the moment.  Even though things can get a bit crazy, though, she always protects her heart, singing, “This much is true about me / I know that I come first.”

The music video takes us on a journey, as we see Harper on a typical night out.  We watch as she dodges messages and calls on her phone, talks to guys at the bar, and then dishes with her friends about all of the shenanigans afterwards. Just like the video for “No More What If,” we get a playful story that goes perfectly with the song.  You can check it out below.

You can listen to “Cannot Tell A Lie” on platforms like Apple Music and Spotify.

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