Annabel Gutherz releases psychedelic video for “Wild Side”


A few weeks ago, retro pop artist Annabel Gutherz released her newest single from upcoming debut album, Loose Ends.  Containing messages about living life to the fullest and pushing past your fears, “Wild Side” showcased Annabel’s empowering spirit and hypnotizing sound.  To better bring the essence of “Wild Side” to life, Annabel has taken it upon herself to release a music video for the inspiring song.

Touching on the creation of the video, Annabel says, “While still under lockdown orders in Canada, I decided to pursue a simple and forgiving concept for the ‘Wild Side’ music video that I could film and edit from home.  I opted to emphasize the psychedelic soundscape of the song by having kaleidoscopic and experimental imagery throughout the piece.  It is obvious that Annabel had a great time putting together the video, as she is never caught without a smile the entire time.  You can check out the colorful masterpiece below.

Annabel has been making a splash with her bold singles over the past few years, all while perfecting her sound at the Berklee College of Music.  Working with Dominique Messier, who has performed with Celine Dion and owns Studio Piccolo in Montreal, Annabel prepares to release her first full length album later this year.  The 11-track project is sure to captivate and push her philanthropic nature even further, and leave a lasting legacy on younger generations.

You can listen to “Wild Side” on tracks like Apple Music and Spotify.

Keep up with Annabel Gutherz:  Instagram // Facebook // Twitter // TikTok // Website

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