Jahnah Camille embraces moving on with “Elliot”


Last year, Jahnah Camille announced her arrival with the impressive single “Alabama Tears“, exhibiting immense talent in both lyricism and production that showed there was more to come from the incredibly talented seventeen-year-old. Following this year’s release of “Middle School”, Jahnah has unveiled another single in the form of “Elliot”, which was released today.

“Elliot” is another remarkable entry in Jahnah’s spotless discography, starting softly and eventually building into a cathartic release of emotion around the 1:30 mark. It sounds like the softest stylings of Japanese Breakfast, with airy synths and dreamy sonics amplifying the strength of Jahnah’s lyrics that focus on the idea of finally moving on from a former relationship.

Regarding the track, Jahnah shared-

“Elliot” isn’t too far off from any song about missing an ex but, as a writer, releasing this song has felt very artistically freeing. My ex-boyfriend who I wrote the song about had a lot of other people seriously interested in him throughout the course of our relationship. After we broke up and he found a new girlfriend, I became the person on the other side.  I was confronted with some really unsettling emotions and through the release, I had to ultimately confront the person who the song was about. I spent a ridiculous amount of time writing about this guy and I was always uncomfortable releasing it because I felt like he was someone who was supposed to be in my past. It wasn’t until I fully moved on that I was able to consider releasing something this blunt. Before it felt like opening up a can of worms, but now it’s a lot like examining a beautiful bouquet of dead flowers.

Listen to Elliot via Youtube below, and stream it on Spotify here.


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