THE VOICE’s Addison Agen releases debut album ‘When The Morning Comes’


Addison Agen When The Morning Comes

Recommended Tracks: “My Kitchen Floor,” “Lion.”
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The Voice’s Season 13 runner-up Addison Agen has released her debut album When The Morning Comes since competing on the show in 2017. At 20 years old, the singer/songwriter has amassed a growing fanbase and a musical taste well beyond her years. She’s gotten the chance to open up for Bob Seger & The Silver Bullet Band, as well as Kevin Bacon’s The Bacon Brothers.

When The Morning Comes is a depiction of americana stylistics; a collection that would be found on Joni Mitchell’s shelf. The album opens with “My Kitchen Floor” which welcomes Agen’s mature vocal offerings coupled with an understanding that the kitchen floor has seen every good and bad happening in your life alongside you. It may know you better than you know it.

“Still Yours” fills the collection’s second slot and encompasses a higher tempo than its precedent. It’s covered with a blanket of emotive expression and finds a new shape towards the end of the s0ng when everything slows, paving the way for the album’s third track “Floating.”

The Joni Mitchell inspired songstress has exceptional control over her falsetto in “Floating.” A light, airy piano highlights the melody line with a Norah Jones-esque influence. “I Want To Homeschool My Kids” extends an ode to her mother’s love. Her mother homeschooled Agen and her siblings and it was an experience she’s forever grateful for and wants to continue the tradition.

Agen shared her excitement for the album release on her Instagram, “TODAY!!! When The Morning Comes, my debut album comes out! This day has been long awaited and I can hardly believe it’s here. The process of creating this album has been a journey. From writing the songs, to raising the money to record it, to finding who we wanted to play on the album, who we wanted to produce it, where we wanted to record it, then recording the whole thing during a pandemic. Needless to say, it’s been quite the process. I’m so thankful and proud of everyone who was a part of the making of When The Morning Comes and I’m so grateful for the heart and intention behind every note and musical choice that was made on this album. I’m so excited to share these stories with you. Thank you for sticking with me! Sending you all the love today!”

“Emma” is the heartbreaking story of a one-sided relationship. Emma is in love with a boy who she’s giving it all to him with nothing in return. Agen’s voice makes you feel as if you are in Emma’s shoes. “Emma” harbors delicate fretwork, heavenly ebony and ivory, and steel ending with, “Emma, why are you still in love with him?”

The title track “When The Morning Comes” closes out the record. The song inaugurates with layered harmonies almost angel-like. The Fort Wayne singer + songwriter’s voice sounds the most matured throughout this track telling us that everything will be okay in the morning. The second verse welcomes a graceful assemblage of brushes, keys and guitar makings.

Everything will be just fine when the morning comes.

You can listen to When The Morning Comes on platforms like Spotify and Apple Music.
Keep up with Addison Agen: Instagram // Facebook // Youtube

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