Alfie Templeman creates half-hour of bliss with ‘Forever Isn’t Long Enough’


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Recommended Tracks: Wait, I Lied, Film Scene Daydream, Hideaway

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Alfie Templeman has brought out another brilliant release! With bittersweet melodies, 80s funk, sax, indie-pop references, and much more… Forever Isn’t Long Enough really has it all.

Having produced and written the album almost entirely solo, the modern-day prodigy of indie music, has given us another feast for the ears (and eyes). Ever since releasing, single, Forever Isn’t Long Enough back in September, 2020, the fans and many industry professionals could feel that something good was coming our way. With the Cucumber motif throughout the video – keeping a playful tone, somehow managing to infuse near-intellectual philosophy in the lyrics. “I’ve noticed that the further away you are from your memories, the closer they are to your heart.” Alfie said when speaking to The Clash.

Despite this being just an 8-track mini-album, Templeman has managed to create such a lyrically, musicially, and sonically versatile peice. Speaking about the album, “I wanted to make a refined and focused pop record – something more widescreen than an EP but more concise than a full-length album -with a feel somewhere between Fleetwood Mac’s Rumours and Tame Impala’s Currents.”

Being one of the first times he has managed to collaborate with people he admires in the industry, with “Shady” co-produced with Kid Harpoon, “Wait, I Lied” and “Hideaway” co-written with his bassist Cameron Owden, and “One More Day” notably featuring the beautiful harmonies and lyrics of April.

In the release campaign for the mini-album, Chess Club Records have managed to gauge the fan’s attention perfectly. With, the release of the Vevo DSCVR performances of “Wait, I Lied” and Happiness In Liquid Form in December, the otherworldly video of “Everybody’s Gonna Love Somebody” directed by Thomas Davis with puppets – Brian & Suzie, and the TikTok treasure hunt which ensued after the video.

Templeman has recently released an official music video for “Wait, I Lied”. Directed by Thomas Davis, and in Alfie’s words, “the whole video was just ideas myself and Thomas came up with on the spot, it’s totally spontaneous, we didn’t plan anything and just went for it. I hope people appreciate my amazing dance moves, I think it’ll be my next career if this music thing doesn’t work out!!”

However, with all that said – for me, the stand-out track of the album must be “Film Scene Daydream”. Sounding as if it has just been brought from an 80s teen romcom, with clear influences of The 1975’s Heart Out running throughout it’s bassline and drum track. After listening to Notes On A Conditional Form, during lockdown, he was busy with getting through many remeniscent films on Netflix (other streaming services are available – along with the rest of the world), “I was watching a lot of films, coming-of-age, high-school films like American Pie, wishing I could be in places where these films were set—dreaming of socializing.” The sentiment is clear through the dreamy song. Alongside a cheeky sax solo – a real treat for fans.

Having said that, there is much that can be said about “To You”. With influences from Tame Impala, and The Weeknd, I can see two meanings that come from the lyrics. The troubles of communicating in a relationship, almost an alien feeling at-times. My own interpretation, a sentiment similar to Message In A Bottle by The Police. Almost refreshing it for the modern-day: a reference to mental health struggles in lockdown.

In the album’s final track, with April, “One More Day” gives a beautiful finish to the album. It is hard not to see its lo-fi inspiration, and similarities to Ariel Days’ self-titled album.

This album has such nuance and meaning running throughout – I truly feel there’s something in it for everyone. I feel Templeman could set a hunger for listeners to get mini-albums from other artists – allowing the art to keep integrity, whilst providing the audience with an array of beautiful songs.

I truly believe this is just the beginning of something much, much bigger. After having hinted to me on The Unscripted Podcast. and later to Greg James on BBC Radio 1 – we could see a possible Todd Rundgren collaboration in the future. A move, which I’m sure you’ll agree is a true masterstroke.

Forever really isn’t long enough for how much I could write about this release!

In three words, I would describe this mini-album as: refreshing, powerful, and melancholic.

Forever Isn’t Long Enough came out on 7th May, 2021.

You can order Forever Isn’t Long Enough here.

You can listen to Forever Isn’t Long Enough on streaming plaforms Spotify, Apple Music, and Deezer.

Keep up with Alfie Templeman: Website // Twitter // Facebook // Instagram // TikTok

Nicholas J. Barlow
Nicholas J. Barlow
Poet, Podcaster, and Entertainer. Contributor for Melodic Mag.


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