JJ Lin and Anne-Marie team up on ballad “Bedroom”



Superstar JJ Lin is back and this time teams up with another superstar in Anne-Marie on this stunning ballad “Bedroom”.  The song is a hidden track on his first English album Like You Do, which is out now.

JJ Lin is a Singaporean singer-songwriter-producer who emerged to award-winning success with his 2003 debut, Music Voyager. His popularity soared throughout Asia with his consistent chart toppers throughout his illustrious career of 18  years, making him one of the most sought-after artistes in the region.

Along with being a great musician he also is a great businessman. His businesses includes his management and production arm JFJ Productions –  also home to Asia’s state-of-the-art studio Sanctuary, award-winning gaming squad in China & S.E.A, Team SMG, lifestyle apparel brand SMG and artisanal coffee brand Miracle Coffee, with outlets in Taiwan and China.

With this new song out they both really hit it out of the park with this one. It will leave you feeling super emotional. On the track, stark piano cuts through minimal production, allowing these two vocal dynamos to shine in an intimate call-and-response. Anne-Marie sets the scene as she confesses, “You’re crying in your bedroom, because I’ve gone and left you…don’t know what you’ve got until it’s gone.  As the hook rings out, JJ Lin responds with emotionally charged verse, “You used to be the strongest of us two…now look at you sitting there. It reflects an honest dialogue during a relationship at an impasse.

It is a brilliant release and a stellar collaboration as their voices work so well together. There will be an official music video to be released soon, but in the mean time check out the lyric video below!


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