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Judah Holiday is a mastermind musician who is on the rise in the electro- pop world. Judah got his start in music growing up in the Bronx, where he began playing the drums at age seven. He wanted to further explore his musical abilities and started playing guitar as well. He knew he wanted to make music ever since he picked up an instrument. Judah wrote his first song at age fourteen, he then built up a whole catalog of songs to show his true melodic talents to the world. Having a body of work to back him up he began playing songs at local iconic venues. His name was quickly going around and he became an iconic name in the Lower East Side scene in New York. He was really making a name for himself there. Even though he was quickly gaining success there, the New York lifestyle just wasn’t for him and he wanted a change of pace. He moved to Miami, Florida in 2011 and that’s when things really took off for Holiday.


Since moving to Miami, Holiday has immersed himself in studying production which has brought a whole new vitality to his stellar sound. Holiday recently released his debut album Feelings in My Head which is a jam packed album full of stellar tracks. The album features a total of ten brilliant songs all of which have their standout moments.  “Good Life” was the lead single from the album and features Kevin Rudolf on it. The song features a bright piano driven melody and talks about Holiday’s stint in rehab in 2018. It talks about the bleakness of rehab while also talking about the brightness of it all and how it really helped Holiday. The album is heavily influenced on him dealing with anxiety and depression and trying to overcome it. Other standout tracks include the electric upbeat”Shout Out Loud”, heartfelt acoustic “Sunshine in the Room”, and the groovy “Superman”. Holiday does a fantastic job at making an album that means something to him that deals with topics close to home for many people. The album is composed fantastically and every song flows so well together. Each song has a different element to it and that’s what makes Holiday’s music so special. Judah Holiday is a force to be reckoned with and you definitely don’t want to miss out on his amazing journey.


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