The Drives Share A New Banger in ‘The Comedown’



LA rockstars The Drives are back to kick off the new year with a bang in their new release “The Comedown”.  From the first minute you listen to it you will be hooked and won’t be able press pause on it. You better be ready to add it to every hype playlist you have because it will sure put a spark in you. From the first listen I was surely already air drumming along to the beat. If you think summertime drives to the beach with your friends then this song will surely be the soundtrack to it. Although the song features an upbeat tempo mixing alternative rock and pop, the lyrics and meaning suggest otherwise.

Andrew Levin, the front man, shared: “I wrote this song in the aftermath of an intense breakup when I was pretty overwhelmed and stuck. Nothing I could do could really get me out of the heaviness that surrounded me. I basically tried to capture what I was going through directly post break up. At times, it felt good, like it was the beginning of something. Then sometimes I felt a sense of uneasiness. Then other times I felt pure frustration. It’s weird now because even though I wrote this song a while ago about my breakup, it feels like the perfect time to release it. In a lot of ways I’m feeling similar emotions about the start of this year in terms of the state of the world and my own state of mind. Some days feel like a positive step forward while others feel another disheartening step back into 2020.

So while you may want to dance in your room to this, or blast it on a night drive, remember how much meaning is behind it. It’s a deep and vulnerable song to Levin, and it really showcases just how versatile The Drives are in their music and songwriting abilities. Not only to mention that each song they put out keeps getting better and better and you can really see the growth in this band over time.  They seem to have found their niche and are only on the rise from here on out. We can’t wait to hear more from them soon!

You can listen to The Drives new single “The Comedown” here!


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