Baby Fuzz releases bold new tune We’re All Gonna Die


If you have ever wondered what a song combined with R.E.M’s “It’s The End Of The World as We Know It” mixed with Blink 182 would sound like then look no further than Baby Fuzz’s new single “We’re All Gonna Die!!” This track features Baby Fuzz talking about the on going problems we’re facing in the world like the Corona virus, putting a fun pop punk spin on it. Its fast paced tempo makes you want to start dancing in your room to it, and while the lyrics may seem grim it’s a song that makes you think about everything that is going on while putting a fun spin on it. Not only that but all proceeds from the song are going straight to Doctors Without Borders. The song is the second single from Baby Fuzz’s album Welcome To The Future, which touches on the subject of our current environmental crisis. Fuzz’s music is unique in the sense that it touches on heavy topics and issues going on in the world currently, he doesn’t shy away from it. Truly an artist we need right now.

Baby Fuzz is the alter ego of Sterling Fox. In 2017, Fox was peaking as one of the more successful
songwriters in the pop music world, having written with the likes of Madonna, Max Martin, Lana
Del Rey, and others. Abruptly, and shortly after the Trump election, he quit collaborative
writing, moved to Canada, and disappeared from the music world completely. After being in Canada for a year Fox came back to the US as Baby Fuzz and referred to the project as audiovisual glam rock and normcore. Baby FuzZ unapologetically jumps all over the genre map, with songs ranging from folk ballads to punk anthems and everything in between. As diverse as the music is, the lyrics are a singular and hyper self-aware narrative with strong political and social undertones. Last year Baby FuzZ, released his debut album Plastic Paradise independently and embarked on a 100 date DIY tour around the US. His new album coming this fall Welcome To The Future was made in quarantine and is a wild concept album focusing on dystopian America, which will sure be one of his best projects to date. Be sure to check out more from Baby Fuzz, he is definitely an artists you don’t want to sleep on!



Listen to the new single here!




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