INTERVIEW // Alfie Templeman & His New EP!


We chatted with 17 year old British musician Alfie Templeman, prior to the release of his new EP ‘Happiness In Liquid Form’ in only 2 days. Make sure to follow Templeman on Spotify and Apple Music to stream the new tracks as soon as they release. 


Hey Alfie, would you like to introduce yourself for those who haven’t heard of you yet?

Yo! I’m a geeky 17 year old kid from Bedford, UK who likes making tunes in my bedroom cause why not?!

Alfie Templeman post-show in Kentish Town

You new EP ‘Happiness in Liquid Form’ is due for release on July 17th. What has the recording process been like for this album? What inspired the new songs?

It involved a bunch of different places and emotions really. Kinda a melting pot of different feelings I’ve had in the last year of recording this thing.

Coach Party have been featured on your single ‘My Best Friend’. What was it like having your first collaboration with another artist on your track?

Yeah it was super rad. I only really wanna do it if it’s mega necessary, which I thought it was for my best friend cause Jess’ voice really helps the track shine.

What would you say is your favourite song on the EP and why?

Maybe This Is Time. It’s a sentimental/nostalgic song for me. I wanted to make at least one song that cites inspiration from my first couple EPs, the early stuff I made after I got home from school.

How has it felt to have 2 of your singles on this release named ‘Hottest Record In The World’ by Annie Mac for Radio1? 

I can’t believe it, man. It’s surreal! It’s so nice to have both Annie Mac and Jack Saunders support me all the time on radio 1.

Alfie playing in Liverpool

This will be your fourth EP release over the last three years, do you have any plans for a full length album in the upcoming future?

Yeah I’ve put out a lot in a short time just because music keeps me going. I think it’s nearly time for LP1. Let’s give it a year or 2 and go from there. EP5 feels like it is gonna be the last EP, for sure. It’s laying down the tracks for album 1.

During the current pandemic, have you been working on anything new or picked up any fun hobbies?

Yeah, I’m slowly recording bits. Apart from that I’ve been cooking things again, something I used to adore at school and at home when I was younger. Also I’m addicted to Minecraft and walks in the rain.

You openly have a side project ‘Ariel Days’ where you release other music. What inspired you to create a side-project away from your main releases?

I knew a lot of the stuff that I put out as Ariel Days never felt too right to just slap under my own name. And I’ve always generally loved side projects and have always wanted to make one myself. Ariel Days is all about just having some fun experimenting with sound.

Pre-show in Liverpool

Last year you went on your first UK tours supporting artists such as Sports Team and Gus Dapperton. What was touring like for you? 

I love touring, but I need more experience because I only just got outta school and started doing it. So at the moment I almost feel like I hardly know what I’m doing! All the bands and artists I’ve supported / have supported me are so wicked, though.

Do you have a dream venue to be headlining by the end of the year?

Kentish Town would be a dream.

Templeman supporting Sports Team at Kentish Town last year

Keep up with Alfie: Facebook // Instagram // Twitter // Website


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