A Day To Remember Wish for Superpowers on New Single


For the most part, we are capable of performing our daily activities without any special superpowers – we do not need to fly, shapeshift, or turn invisible.  But, there are definitely times when life would be more convenient (and fun) if we could walk through walls, or if we possessed superhuman speed.  Another handy superhuman ability would be mindreading, which is exactly what A Day To Remember explore in their new single, “Mindreader.”

The new single is about certain expectations in relationships, and how partners are supposed to know what the other is thinking.  This could have easily been a gloomy track, as it can be frustrating to not be able to understand your partner.  However, the lyrics are comical, and add an air of amusement to the track.  Frontman Jeremy McKinnon sings, “I could head to old Japan / on a mountain with some ancient man,” but concludes that no matter what, he will “never be your mindreader.”

This is the third single that A Day To Remember has released from their upcoming album, You’re Welcome.  The album was supposed to be released in November of last year, but the guys recently shared that the release date for the album is now TBD.  Hopefully, we will be able to hear the new album soon, but we can at least enjoy “Mindreader” for now.  Check out its amazing music video below!

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