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Rising Pop Star Brooke Alexx recently dropped her latest music video “Drunk.” From songwriting to directing her own music videos, Brooke Alexx is that one to watch out for. Check out Melodic Magazine’s most recent interview with the singer-songwriter down below. 


MM: From a young age you took part in music theatre, would you say that you’ve always known that you wanted to pursue a career in music?

Brooke:  Definitely! When I was seven I went to my mom, and out of the blue was like, “I want to be a singer when I grow up!” That was the first time I ever mentioned anything like that, and that basically changed my whole life. I started going to music auditions, and then in school I started being knowing as the girl who sang. When I was in the 8th grade, I discovered Taylor Swift. I came to the realization that I didn’t have to stay in musical theatre because I could write my own songs, and be more contemporary. It was a great gift for me, and is the reason why I went to college for music production, and eventually moved to Nashville.

MM: Wow, so Taylor Swift has been a big inspiration for you then?

Brooke: Definitely, I would have not found out about Nashville if it wasn’t for her. She definitely changed the entire course of my life.

MM: Ah following the Taylor Swift Blueprint then! Would you say that’s how you’re developing your musical route? From when you started doing musical theatre up to recently dropping your debut EP as an independent artist?

Brooke: When I discovered Taylor I really shifted gears from musical theatre. I applied to college for music, and while I was there I had the ability to work in a studio. I was able to release some music, and that was me dipping my toes into the music world. When I moved to Nashville after college, that’s where I really started to focus on my sound. I started figuring out who I wanted to work with, and what I wanted to say in my songs. All of that has led up to the release of my debut EP this past September, and I really felt like those first few songs really captured the essence of the artist that I’ve always wanted to be.   

MM: You have been very hands on with your music then? From the songwriting to the producing of it?

Brooke: Yes, in the sense that I write my own songs, most of them are co-writes. For production, I usually work with my guy Yuval Maayan, who is actually based in Israel. We met in Nashville last year, and I love working with him. He had to move back, but we continue to work with each other via Skype and email. He ultimately creates the production, but I get the final say in what I want to be removed or added to the song. We also create all my graphics, video content, and the promo for my songs.

MM: What’s one thing you want your listeners to take away with them when they listen to your music?

Brooke: I want people to give into the earworm. To give into the infectious melodies, but also connect deeply with the lyrics, and hopefully be able to related to what’s going on with their lives.

MM: Being an independent artists can be quite challenging. You dropped your debut EP “Me” late last year, dropped your single “Downplay” at the beginning of March, and now you’re getting ready to release another single, “Drunk.” It feels like so much has happened in such a short span, how do you handle it all?

Brooke: I honestly wrote “Downplay” last July before my EP came out, so it’s been in my catalogue for a while and just knew that it had to be my next single once my EP came out. Once the EP released, I got to work to finalize the other songs I had including “Downplay,” but also, these past weeks I have been writing even more songs that I love know, and getting ready to release them in the near future as well! I am very determined and driven, always staying busy which helps me stay to stay on task.

MM: With more new music coming out, would you say this new era of music will show another side of you, or more of a continuation from“Me”?

Brooke: The upbeat tempo pop that I had in my EP will still be heard in my new music. Although production wise, I would say it’s a little bit more sophisticated and more mature in terms of sound and message. I’m really excited about the new music, I feel that both “Downplay” and “Drunk” are good introductions to the new music that I’m really excited to release.

MM: With “Drunk” being released very soon, what can you tell our readers from your newest single?

Brooke:  So “Drunk” is a song that came to be because I don’t drink alcohol. The hook goes “ain’t no drink that can get me this drunk,” and it’s basically about the sensation of feeling high and elated without needing the drink. I’m really excited about the music video that’s set to release a couple weeks after. I came up with its concept, and as well, directed and edited the video. I tag teamed with Jimmy Naples who is the Director of Photography for the video. It’s high quality, and I’m pretty sure others will be excited to see the video as well.

MM: Finishing with a corny question, where do you see yourself in five or ten years from now?

Brooke: The ultimate dream is to be the next big Pop artist. Ideally in five years, I’m hoping I can be doing some sort of arena tours. Recently someone asked me what’s my end goal, and I feel like that’s a solid answer; I’m going to keep going with that answer!

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Angel Escobar
Angel Escobar
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