TAELA Releases Latest Single “Unforgivable” Along with Accompanying Video


TAELA has made a comeback with her latest release, “Unforgivable.” “Unforgivable” stands as one of the two fresh tracks on her recently launched album, ‘life’s a bitch… but it gets better,’ featuring a total of twelve carefully composed songs. 

Renowned for her raw and genuine lyrics accompanied by deeply emotional melodies, TAELA’s newest song delves into the intricate dynamics of harmful relationships.

TAELA’s unvarnished and honest style of composing music is evident in “Unforgivable.” Without holding back, she bravely exposes her own encounters, revealing the painful and uneasy realities that toxic relationships entail. Despite the discomfort, TAELA’s music presents a chance for healing, particularly for those who resonate with her heartfelt lyrics. Discussing the release of “Unforgivable” TAELA informed that “I thought about the things my ex did to get me to hate them enough to leave and said ‘fuck it, i’m gonna just lay it all out there’ and when I started teasing the song online I was amazed by how many people resonated with the lyrics. I think it can be uncomfortable for some people to listen to but really healing for whoever needs to hear it.

TAELA’s album, life’s a bitch… but it gets better,’ showcases her undeniable talent, versatility, and knack for blending various musical styles that she has shown through her musical journey.

One of the standout qualities of life’s a bitch… but it gets better is TAELA’s raw and powerful vocals. She effortlessly navigates through a range of emotions, from heartbreak and vulnerability to empowerment and self-assurance. Tracks like “trophy” and “beetlejuice (dead to me)” exemplify her ability to convey genuine emotion through her compelling vocal delivery.

1. unforgivable
2. keep your demons
3. not my problem
4. good in bed
5. replacement
6. i don’t cry when i’m high
7. full throttle
8. bleachers
9. i can’t
10. trophy
11. narcissists
12. life’s a bitch
13. mad hoes
14. beetlejuice

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