Album Review: Sabino’s Artistry Shines Through With “Yin”


Sabino’s “Yin” is the first half of his two part project “Yin Yang.” With a mixture of old-school hip-hop and R&B, part one will leave you excited and ready for part two: “Yang.” 

Yin” consists of eight songs with a running time of 28 minutes. Despite being short, the multiple layers that are found within the album create an euphoric experience that will leave you begging for more.

Opening on a high note, “La Magia (The Magic)” draws in the listener with its slow-moving, funky beat. Resembling a true 90’s hip-hop melody, Sabino’s flow instantly illustrates a story of the magic that comes from having great chemistry. With its catchy chorus, listeners will for sure bop along to the melodious beat.

While slowing down but also getting a little bit funkier, “Conmigo Siempre (Always With Me)’ has Sabino begging a loved one to stay by his side. With its reggae vibe and romantic lyrics, the song is for sure to leave listeners in their feels. Changing the vibe, “Jalo” introduces a funk-trap sound that is ideal for pre-game playlists. Chanting “no no no,” the party anthem will pump the listener for hopefully a long night of partying and drinking.

Passing the midpoint of the album, “Yin Yang” creates a party atmosphere with its blending of tropical and asian influences. With such a melodic sound, the playfulness will leave the listener in search of the perfect dance partner. Still exploring love, “Tu (You)” Sabino raps about the idea of pure love. The colorful beat joined with Sabino’s spoken word flow, perfectly depicts an image of an ideal significant other.

Truly forming his own genre, Sab-Hop, “Yin” demonstrates how melodic and diverse Sabino can be. While the songs are lyrically relatable, Sabino effectively carries his themes and messages across to the listener. Carefully crafted with both old and new sounds, the complex “Yin” is a must listen.

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