Twenty One Pilots release new music video for ‘Chlorine’


Earlier this week, Twenty One Pilots released teasers for their new music video for ‘Chlorine’ off their most recent album, Trench. They ended up releasing the video a day early, and it’s definitely their most interesting video yet. They introduced an unsettling character that they call Ned, who is a gremlin-looking creature who craves chlorine.

There’s no doubt that Trench is a little different from their past albums. Blurryface had its fair share of confusing symbols, but it is nothing compared to how many story lines and characters that are hidden in Trench. Every character they introduce (Blurryface, Clancy, and now Ned) always stand for something that is often not easy to understand. Fans create theories and conspiracies about what each character means, but nothing is ever confirmed by the band.

This is what is so different and refreshing about this band. They create almost a whole other world with hidden meanings for their fans to uncover. Their songs are not only catchy and deep, but they all follow the theme of each individual album. Introducing Ned in this video is fun yet confusing, but it just shows how intricate and unique this band and this album is.

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