ALBUM REVIEW: Bohnes // 206: Act I.


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Last week, Bohnes released his debut album, “206: Act I.” Bohnes, more popularly known as Alex DeLeon, was the frontman of The Cab. This is DeLeon’s first album since taking a hiatus from The Cab to focus on his own solo work. Being that DeLeon already built up a fanbase from The Cab, his album has blown up with over three million streams, sold out events, and amazing reviews.

After listening to this album on replay for the past few days, I have fallen in love with it’s unique, alternative yet somewhat pop sound. Each track is different, but there is an underlying theme of life and death that is consistent throughout the album. Overall, the record is carefully crafted and meaningful despite there only being 8 tracks.

My personal favorite track on the album is Six Feet Under. It is a perfect mixture of alternative-rock and pop with amazing, thoughtful lyrics. It’s upbeat while also still having that overall dark and mysterious vibe. Zombie Love is a close second. It’s probably one of the most interesting tracks I’ve ever heard by the way it’s put together. However, it makes the track so unique and fun to listen to. I can’t really put how it sounds into words, so you’ll have to give it a listen. For the more alternative-rock enthusiasts, check out the track #4, My Friends. It has some of my favorite lyrics out of the whole album and is a little more rock than the other tracks.

This album is a breath of fresh air since a lot of alternative albums in the industry have began to sound too similar lately in my opinion. DeLeon has done an amazing job showing his creativity and originality with his first album. He definitely has a sound of his own and I can’t wait to see what he will do in the future.

Check out “Six Feet Under” below and be sure to stream his album in its entirety on Spotify or Apple Music:

Catch Bohnes on social media: Website – Instagram – Twitter



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