Pop rock trio, OBB, is a group that everyone should put on their radar.  Comprised of brothers Zach, Jacob, and Nich Oswald, OBB have been in the game for a while, but have finally dropped a collection of songs that establish their identity in the music world.  With only three tracks, this EP seems short, but the songs are worthwhile.

We begin the EP with title track, “Is This A Thing,” which starts out with a short electronic riff that serves as a catchy motif throughout the track.  We then jump into the subject of the song—what do you call it when a friendship might actually be something more?  Could it be…a thing?  As we try and find out, our motif comes back in the chorus and leads into some heavy downbeats and a twangy guitar riff.  It is a nice blend of EDM and pop rock and definitely a stand-out for the band.

The next song on the EP, “Sweater,” has me wishing it was fall!  Accompanied by classic pop rock anthem staples, such as hand claps and “oo”s, this track sends a message about how a small act of kindness can go a long way.  Our lead singer, Zach, breaks it all down with the line, “It all started when you wore my sweater; I knew this thing was gonna last forever.”  Check out the amazing video for “Sweater” below!

The last song on the EP might sound familiar to some, as it has been used in a Google Chromebook campaign and by Dude Perfect. There are also a few different versions of the song, like remixes and acoustic renditions.  Full of catchy hooks, lilting guitar rhythms, and enjoyable “oo”s, it is no wonder why “Mona Lisa” is so popular.  It will definitely inspire anyone who hears it to go after that special someone.

As we wait for more music from OBB, stream Is This A Thing on sites like Apple Music and Spotify.

Keep up with OBB:  Facebook // Twitter // Instagram // Website


Christine Sloman
Christine Sloman
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