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Last week, Mark Lombardo reached out to me about his acoustic project Cityvswoods and asked me to give his first single “New Colors” a listen. So naturally, I dove right in!

It is a fully acoustic arrangement, with nothing but layered guitar tracks and vocals, all recorded on Mark’s iPhone. He also informed me that he kept natural background noises in the track to preserve the organic feel of the song, which is really awesome in my opinion.

When I first listened to “New Colors”, I was blown away by the fact that it was comprised solely of (layers upon layers of) guitar and vocals. By preserving the sound of his fingers upon the strings, Mark gives the song a percussive element, allowing you to groove along and feel the music effortlessly. His vocals are soothing on this track, and sound nearly effortless to me. It feels like someone singing you to sleep — like a sweet lullaby.

Cityvswoods reminds me a lot of Ralph Castelli, one of my personal favorite “mellow” artists, whom I have mentioned before on Melodic. The similarity between the two made me fall in love with “New Colors” within seconds.

I highly recommend that you check out Cityvswoods! It takes a lot of raw talent to pull off an acoustic track such as this one so well. Even after one release, this project is extremely impressive, and I know that there are more equally astounding things on the way  (maybe a new track soon… shhh, you didn’t hear that from me). I’ll definitely keep vibin’ to “New Colors”… I hope you’ll join me!

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Check out “New Colors” below:



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