ALBUM REVIEW: Public Access T.V. // Street Safari


Recommended Tracks: “Shell No. 2,” “Lost in the Game,” and “Wait It Out”
Related Artists: The Strokes, Sunflower Bean, QTY

Although it was released in February of 2018, Street Safari by Public Access T.V. never fully made its way onto my playlist until late spring. In late March, I made a trip to Rough Trade Brooklyn, while I was visiting NYC. As soon as I walked into the store, I saw the then-new PATV album displayed proudly at the front, featuring all four members on the cover standing confidently. Intrigued by the song titles, the cover art, and the positive remarks of the eager employees, I purchased the record from a band I’d only heard one song from previously.

Three months later, Street Safari is still on rotation (not to be confused with “On Location” a PATV song from their debut effort) at my household. Despite the constant listening, I have yet to grow tired and I still seem to be finding little quirks within the layers of each song, only making me enjoy the music more. To everyone’s discontent and annoyance toward me due to the sheer fact that I literally listen to this album sun up to sun down, I just can’t seem to stop. I never wrote a proper album review when I picked up the album, the month after it was released, so now I feel like it’s my responsibility to give this album the honor and praise it truly deserves.

I bought the album because I knew the song, “Metrotech.” I’m not really sure how I came across the track, but I was infatuated with the reminiscent sound it possessed. Boy, was I hooked when I placed the needle on track one, Safari (In My Head). This track features samples of animal sounds that play effervescently in the background while singer, John Eatherly, delicately croons the opening lyrics and whines onto the chorus; it welcomes listeners to the band’s second effort.

Each song throughout the album contains a different element not seen previously on the band’s first release, Never Enough. While Never Enough is one of my favorite albums ever, PATV possess an effortlessly cool and confident attitude on Street Safari, in that they found their sound. Songs like “Wait It Out” and “Metrotech” feature impactful and memorable basslines from bassist, Max Peebles. “Lost in the Game” features Eatherly possessing a self-assured character. Guitarist, Xan Aird’s guitar riff on “Meltdown” feels like it’s straight out of a John Hughes movie. And drummer, Pete Star employs some of his best work, particularly on the CBGB-inspired, “Rough Boy.” This album features the band trying new things and perfecting their craft. And ultimately, there’s something for everyone on Street Safari.

I was very surprised to see how little press this album received. Like, hey Rolling Stone! You missed something! Sure much bigger artists have dropped material since February, but this band deserved much more recognition for this almost flawless effort. PATV proves to be one of, if not the most underrated bands of the decade, and I know for a fact I will stick to this notion until I am personally witnessing their set at a sold out arena.

Street Safari has such an ethereal and timeless quality about it. It’s cohesive, it’s smart, it’s new-wave at its finest and definitely not a sophomore slump, but a comeback of the year.

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