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Hailing from Santa Cruz, California, Christian Bauhofer, also known as Minnesota, has been bringing his booming bass and crazy energy to many venues across the states. He was most recently performing at Shaky Beats, a year-round EDM festival in Atlanta. We were able to catch him for an interview about his origins and his new record label, Outer Realms.

Melodic (Andrew): How are you liking Atlanta?
Christian: It’s great! Pretty hot though.

Melodic (Andrew): What inspired the name Minnesota?
Christian: I’m originally from Minnesota but I moved out to Santa Cruz, California and it became a nickname pretty much. So when I started producing, I couldn’t think of any other cool names so that’s what I used.

Melodic (Andrew): What urged you to start making music?
Christian: I really wanted to play in a band and play shows and one day heard Justice in 2008 and thought, “Wow, this is crazy.” So I started going to raves and realized, “ Wow, this is a whole new world.” So I started going to the underground and psychedelic shows and parties out in Santa Cruz and Redwoods and it kinda started from there.

Melodic (Andrew): Best place to perform?
Christian: Definitely Atlanta. Terminal West is probably my favorite here.

Melodic (Andrew): Who are some of your inspirations?
Christian: G Jones, Space Jesus, Buku. Basically a lot of friends in the field.

Melodic (Andrew): Heard you were starting a label Outer Realms, what inspired you to do so?
Christian: I just wanted a place to be able to release my music without going through anyone else. Also, to help out some smaller artists I find on SoundCloud who don’t have a lot of followers to help them get into the music business.

Melodic (Andrew): And the last question, is water wet?
Christian: Yeah, it’s pretty wet.

Minnesota will be launching his record label Outer Realms tomorrow, May 16th, alongside a release of an original single Snake Charmer through the new label.

Be sure to check out Minnesota below!
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Outer Realms:
instagram // twitter // facebook //soundcloud

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