Electric Back-to-Back nights in Chicago for LANY


Photo by Thomas Wood

Following the release of their 5th studio album, A Beautiful Blurthe Los Angeles based duo, comprised of Paul Klein and Jake Goss, hit the road for their world tour. LANY fans packed The Salt Shed in Chicago for two electrifying back-to-back shows on March 29 and 30th. Early in the ticket sales, fans began to sell out cities all over the world, prompting the band to add a second show in select cities.

The show started out with a bang as Conor Burns hit the stage for his high energy performance. Burns was accompanied on stage by guitar player, Jeff Keylor, and Chris Geller on drums. The crowd sang along and jumped up and down to Burns’ songs, including “Mansion On A Hill”, which has over a million streams on Spotify, and newly released single, “Vogue.” After his set, Conor weaved through the crowd to meet as many fans as possible! After the show ended, he handed out free shirts in exchange for following him on Instagram.

Photo by Carson Kennedy

Following Conor’s set, Junior Varsity kept the energy flowing as they hit the stage. They sang some of their most popular songs including Rushh” and “Share Ur Feelings“, as well as a snippet of the popular DJO song,End of Beginning.” The crowds voices amplified as everyone joined in to sing the words And when I’m back in Chicago, I feel it. You may have noticed that Junior Varsity has a new take on their songs, and her name is Brooke. Brooke is the newest member of Junior Varsity, accompanying fellow bandmates, Greg, Zach, Carlos, Brandon, and KaiLike Conor, Junior Varsity also stuck around after their set to meet fans!

Photo by Carson Kennedy

In anticipation for LANY to take the stage, a white curtain was put up and fans began to cheer. The lights went out and a spotlight hit the curtain to reveal guitar player, Kim Vi, bass player, Puff, drummer, Jake Goss, and vocalist, Paul Klein. The curtain dropped and the show was starting! LANY opened their set with the hit song, “YOU”off of their popular album, Mama’s BoyKlein made his way down the catwalk as he dedicated the song to his fans. While singing the words I’m nothing without you, fans handed Klein an abundance of flowers and he proceeded to throw them in the air, scattering them across the stage.

Photo by Thomas Wood

“It Even Rains in LA” was the first song off of the new album to be played, followed by their popular song “I Pray.” LANY concocted the perfect setlist for this tour, which included old and new fan favorites like “pink skies”, “dancing in the kitchen”, and “Love At First Fight.”  This tour had a few seamless medleys including, “Somewhere/Sugar & Cinnamon”, “NO/(Saturday Night) 3:22 A.M”, and “Super Far/Mean it.”

During “Out of My League”, Klein invited fan, Maddy Chaconon stage with him. She absolutely captivated the audiences attention. Not only was the setlist perfect, but the visuals were breathtaking. It’s hard to miss how much effort went into the production of this tour.

LANY closes out their regular set with “Malibu Nights“, but don’t fret because they come out for an encore and sing “ILYSB” and “XXL.” During “ILYSB”, Klein prompts the crowd to get on someones shoulders. You can feel the happiness radiating from LANY as the fans are singing along to every word. During “XXL”, fans open up the pit and Klein jumps in. Klein has stated in the past that he likes to connect with as many fans as possible during one of their shows.

Photo by Thomas Wood

There is only one way to describe this tour. It’s a beautiful blur. LANY takes you through every emotion possible. As Klein would say, its therapy on a Friday and Saturday night in Chicago.

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