Lucas Köksal feels like he is split in the middle with “eye to eye”


Lucas Köksal - "eye to eye" single artWindsor-based singer-songwriter Lucas Köksal is caught between compromise and giving up in his latest single “eye to eye.” Crafted during the summer of 2023, when Köksal began experimenting with analog recording equipment, “eye to eye” marks his first single under AWAL. The song is mixed and mastered alongside his brother Braden Köksal and Joey Messina-Doerning and is an exciting new indie-alternative song that includes electronic soul.

Featuring electronic guitar solos infused throughout the end of the track and complemented by Köksal’s dynamic lyricism, which effortlessly captures relatable, laid-back sentiments, Köksal describes the days simply passing him by in “swift repetition” in “eye to eye.” The track divulges into a sense of longing and yearning in a struggle to see eye to eye with someone. He finds himself metaphorically “split in the middle,” struggling to bridge the gap. 

The song’s introspective lyricism and upbeat indie-pop sound contrasts with his smooth, chill vocal delivery. He describes a sense of stagnation, being in the same place with a similar feeling, yet the search for feeling and connection is elusive.

Köksal’s debut EP, set to release in summer 2024, promises further exploration into themes of isolation and meaning, comprising five songs.

Keep up with Lucas Köksal: Instagram // Spotify // YouTube // Website


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