Child Seat Release New Track from Upcoming Album, “Money”


Child Seat‘s latest single, “Money,” dives deep into the heart of modern-day capitalism with a commentary on the struggles faced by many in today’s society. Released on February 28th, this track serves as the second single from their upcoming sophomore album, slated for release on June 21st.

The song, a collaboration between singer/songwriter Madeleine Mathews (MAWD) and producer Josiah Mazzaschi (Light FM, Bizou), explores the relentless pursuit of wealth and the toll it takes on individuals in a system that often feels soul-crushing. In a society where the pursuit of success is equated with financial gain, “Money” is a powerful anthem for a generation grappling with the harsh realities of late-stage capitalism.

With Mathews’ emotive vocals and thought-provoking lyrics layered over Mazzaschi’s vibrant instrumentals, “Money” sonically channels influences from iconic bands like The Cars, The Talking Heads, and the Yeah Yeah Yeahs, blending nostalgia with a contemporary edge that’s uniquely Child Seat.

Beyond its musical prowess, Child Seat’s journey has been nothing short of remarkable. From successful showcases at SXSW to opening for The Regrettes in a sold-out show, the duo has been making waves in the Los Angeles music scene and beyond. Their upcoming album boasts collaborations with renowned musicians like Jon Button, Nancy Kuo, and Ron Dziubla, promising a sonic experience that’s both dynamic and captivating.

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