Amir Ekbatani shares tribute to the 80s with ‘Tell Me You Love Me’


Amir Ekbatani’s sophomore single, “Tell Me You Love Me”, represents the artist’s resilience, creativity, and pursuit of dreams.

With a life story marked by challenges and triumphs, he uses music to inspire others. From overcoming the odds as a football player to defying death and rebuilding his life after a devastating accident, his journey is one of perseverance and determination. Now, he adds another chapter to his story as he delves into the world of music with the same passion and dedication.

“Tell Me You Love Me” is a vibrant indie-pop anthem that pays homage to the iconic sounds of the 80s. Through skillful instrumentation and relatable lyrics, Amir Ekbatani paints a vivid picture of the modern dating scene in Los Angeles, capturing its highs and lows with authenticity.

The track showcases Amir Ekbatani’s versatility as a musician, with his hands-on approach evident in every aspect of the production. From the infectious melody to the analog synths and guitar work performed by Peter Ferguson, each element comes together to create a nostalgic yet contemporary sound that is uniquely his own.

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