Experience the Enchantment with Deirdre Murphy’s “Sweet and Strong”: Capturing the Essence of Love in Folk-Indie Fusion!


“Sweet and Strong” by Deirdre Murphy is a captivating blend of folk and indie music, delivering an enchanting experience that captures the essence of falling in love. 

With heartfelt lyrics and warm, summery vibes, the song evokes the magical feeling of the golden hour, where everything feels full of possibility.

Oli Ryan’s expert production and engineering create a perfect balance between folk elements and an alternative/indie sensibility. Delicate percussion, sweet harmonies, and the addition of cello add layers of depth and emotion to the song’s simple yet satisfying groove.

However, the true highlight is Deirdre Murphy’s vocals. Reminiscent of Moriarty and Ani DiFranco, she carries a lightness and warmth that draw listeners in. Her poetic and wordplay-filled lyrics add charm and authenticity, making it easy for audiences to connect with the emotions she conveys.

“I wrote it in the first moments of falling for someone, in that period when time feels expansive and golden and everything is easy and clear. Like the world has come alive with possibility. It feels like the golden hour, where everything looks and feels vibrant and you see beauty everywhere. Where you feel secure and loved and seen for who you are.” 

“Sweet and Strong” shows that Murphy’s versatility as both songwriter and performer leaves a lasting impression on listeners with its enchanting melodies and heartfelt lyrics, and all in the “Neo-folk” genre. 

As a musician and interdisciplinary artist, Deirdre’s diverse background shines in her music, blending her passion for dance and the body with her skills as a guitarist and ukulele player. This fusion creates a unique and captivating musical experience.

Having spent a lifetime immersed in various performance disciplines such as dance, theatre, circus, and performance art, Deirdre recently transitioned into the realm of music. Despite the wide-ranging nature of my repertoire, each creation bears her unmistakable artistic signature. Employing tools like loop stations, spoken word, a cappella harmonies, and the tight-knit collaboration of my current band – a trio comprising of a drummer, two versatile instrumentalists, and vocalists, Deirdre creates songs that reflect eclectic influences. 

With her solid background in physical performance, she has a definite stage present and a dynamic quality that demands attention and enriches the audience’s experience. 

Presently, Deirdre’s repertoire consists of nearly two hours’ worth of original songs, ideally suited for intimate venues and theatre spaces where the subtleties of each piece can be fully appreciated. Excitingly, she is embarking on a new project – a dynamic fusion of percussion and danceable rhythms featuring DJ, full drum kit, live samples / vocal looping, and choreographed movement. This fresh direction promises an electrifying experience that will engage audiences in novel and invigorating ways. 

She has released a brand new album called “Matriarch”, which is out now. This album marks a significant milestone in her music career, offering a deeper exploration into sound, emotion and her essence as interdisciplinary artist and musician. 

About Deirdre Murphy 

Deirdre Murphy’s impact extends far beyond the confines of traditional music and performance. Her groundbreaking form of gig theatre has garnered widespread recognition, earning her a place on RTE Radio One’s playlists and appearances on esteemed shows such as Ronan Collins John Creedon and Late Date with Cathal Murray. With her music being featured on over 65 radio stations worldwide, Deirdre’s eclectic fusion of physical, spiritual, and musical elements is making waves on the global music scene.

Hailing from rural Alaska and having traveled extensively throughout the United States before settling in Ireland, Deirdre’s artistic vision is deeply rooted in her connection to nature and her diverse life experiences. Her portfolio encompasses a wide range of original works spanning music, dance, theatre, circus, and performance art.

One of her notable achievements includes the circus musical “Capitalism: The Musical,” which received widespread acclaim for its witty commentary on contemporary issues. The production toured Ireland and Italy to sold-out audiences and has since been translated into Italian.

In addition to her musical talents, Deirdre is also a lifelong student and teacher of various physical disciplines, including yoga, acroyoga, contemporary dance, and ballet. Her performances are characterized by a dynamic energy and grace that captivate audiences.

Stay current with Deirdre Murphy on her Website, 

Stream music on Spotify and Soundcloud. 


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