There is “No Guarantee” that you won’t get your heart broken in Nols’ latest single


Nols - "No Guarantee"

Nols, originating in Boston MA, is a musical endeavor by musician Nolan McGrath in 2019. Dedicated to refining his musical craft and being brutally authentic in his musicality, Nols has released his latest track “No Guarantee,” which is deeply centered around themes of heartbreak and betrayal. Despite its melancholic lyrical premise, the song adopts an upbeat rhythm — it’s cocky and defiant. 

“It’s ultimately sharing a lesson that there is’ No Guarantee’ that people won’t break hearts, and be together forever,” Nols said.

The opening of “No Guarantee” introduces gentle guitar strumming before transitioning into an energetic indie-pop rhythm. As the chorus unfolds, Nols’ voice softly accompanies the lively track, singing, “I don’t even love me / So why couldn’t I just see there’s no guarantee?” the words echo; it’s a soulful connection that invites listeners to be introspective as they reflect on their complex feelings with love. 

The new track marks the beginning of a series of singles from Nols scheduled to be released over the next few months in 2024. The song reflects Nols’ personal journey through heartbreak, and he hopes listeners will resonate with this universal experience relating to heartbreak — and heartache as well.

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