Weekly Roundup: Jan. 22


Every Monday, we bring you a playlist filled with tracks the Melodic staff has been listening to on repeat. Hear some of our latest obsessions below:

Dela Kay – “IDWTAY” takes a deep dive into the subject of modern dating and its complexities, expressed with the most brutal honesty. The song candidly walks us through the rollercoaster of emotions that come with casual connections, wanting to move on while also keeping that toxic flame still dimly lit. Dela Kay’s unapologetic tone conveys both the attraction and frustration involved with situationships, like a tug-o-war that’s impossible to win.
– Maria Mata


LO LA – “happy 4 u” The Los Angeles pop star delivers relatable lyrics with an edgy, catchy tune that dives into the complexities of ending relationships and deciphering where one’s feelings should lie. Even when you know a relationship is over, the song covers the dichotomy of wanting to be happy with someone else and being okay with them finding happiness elsewhere. “happy 4 u” is not only a banger sonically, but is a great example of the artist’s skill in storytelling.
– Cass Faulding


Comfort Club – “Two Kids In A Trench Coat” With lyrics such as, “You say you’ll stay forever, even when you know you won’t,” this new single encapsulates the beauty in being honest with yourself about why some things just can’t work out. Among themes of vulnerability and apology, this song also carries beautiful production elements that will make you feel like you’re floating.
– Caroline Speer


Banners x Lily Meola Perfect Broken (Duet Version)” Liverpool indie-pop artist BANNERS continues to captivate audiences with his distinct style with his latest single. Nelson has become known for his reliability and soaring melodies since his 2015 debut. With “Perfectly Broken (Duet Version),” Nelson collaborated with “America’s Got Talent 2022” star and rising songwriter Lily Meola.
– Clare Gehlich


Hear the rest of our staff picks on the playlist!

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