Indie Rock’s the dt’s get in your head with infectious new single


Hailing from the vibrant musical landscape of Central Jersey, the dynamic musical tandem known as the dt’s, comprised of David Cacciatore and Tom Losito, defies conventional categorization with an audacious flair. Their musical prowess spans a diverse array of instruments, ranging from guitars and bass to drums and even the piano, showcasing a commitment to multifaceted artistry.

The duo’s most recent offering, the single “All In My Head,” serves as a testament to their contemporary pop sensibilities, drawing inspiration from vintage influences and spotlighting a profound appreciation for harmonious vocals. Amidst a world marked by modern anxieties and the facade of social media, the track delves into the complexities of establishing genuine connections in our lives, providing a poignant reflection on the prevailing apprehensions of our time.

What distinguishes the dt’s is their remarkable mastery of multiple instruments, a spectrum that encompasses guitars, bass, drums, and piano. The genesis of their musical journey traces back to an encounter at an open mic night in a local bar, evolving over the years as they refined their craft through tours across the United States, culminating in the official establishment of the dt’s in early 2020.

The birth of this musical partnership emanated from an unwavering desire for a fresh start, with Cacciatore and Losito collaboratively crafting and recording their music within the confines of their home studios. Live audiences are treated to a seamless journey through various genres during their performances, including rock, blues, power pop, and more. Fearlessly experimental, their music is infused with a love for harmonies that adds an extra layer to their sonic tapestry.

Having made waves in early 2022 with their debut EP, “You With Me,” which garnered local and regional acclaim, the dt’s are poised for another impactful year. The promise of new material on the horizon assures fans an exciting continuation of their musical odyssey. With “All In My Head” leading the way, the duo continues to captivate audiences, showcasing the evolution of their sound and leaving an indelible mark on the musical landscape.

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