Russ Lorenson’s Musical Resurgence with “It’s Raining Memories”.


Russ Lorenson has released a new single called “It’s Raining Memories”; the second single from his latest album “Standard Time: Live in New York”, which is released today. 

This is an encore number and was inspired by the title of a comedy song written by Ronny Graham for “New Faces of 1952.” Lorenson and his musical director/pianist Kelly Park wrote a brand new song with the material and created beautiful texture, and emotion and made for a truly unique experience for the listener. 

Lorenson’s comeback story is inspiring, considering the challenges he faced with HPV-positive tonsil cancer in 2021, which temporarily silenced his singing voice. Returning to the music with such vigor in the album “Standard Time: Live in New York,” it seems like a special project. Not only because it marks his return, but also because of such enchanting songs like “It’s Raining Memories” which bring such energy and atmosphere. 

Lorenson’s reputation as “San Francisco’s Favorite Crooner” and his love for The Great American Songbook add an extra layer of anticipation for this single release. Fans of both jazz and cabaret can look forward to well-known songs with a fresh approach. 

“This song is super special to me – I co-wrote it with my longtime (long-suffering?) musical director, Kelly Park. The title came from a very corny song written by Ronnie Graham for New Faces of 1952 and sung by Robert Clary (yes, Corporal LeBeau from “Hogan’s Heroes”!) in the film. That song was written to be purposely bad, but the title stuck with me and I crafted new lyrics that Kelly set to a gorgeous new melody.” 

With mesmerizing vocals and a brilliant instrumental backup, this track is more than just a song. It is a storytelling experience that delves into themes of love, loss, and remembrance. 

Listen to “It’s Raining Memories”, available now. 

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