Jason Vitelli Reveals a Mesmerizing Instrumental Tale with ‘The Veil’.


Brooklyn based multi-faceted instrumentalist Jason Vitelli has a new single out today called “The Veil.” 

Vitelli takes us on a musical journey inspired by the allure and anticipation of Salome’s Dance of the Seven Veils. This description provides vivid imagery of a burlesque show, where each piece of clothing falls off, in a slow burn of sensuality. 

The song begins with an innocent-sounding piano chord, setting the stage as the dynamic builds into a four-on-the-floor beat, accompanied by a cello ostinato. This tension and excitement cooped with the ascending synthesizer lines reaches a soaring climax.

Concerning Salome’s seductive tale and unveiling akin to the legendary biblical story, Vitelli brings vigor and boldness with his unique style of intricate modern progressive music, which could be called post-progressive. 

“Over the years I’ve heard many of the same adjectives from listeners: theatrical, story-driven, intense, cerebral, and emotional … If not by definition, perhaps my music is cinematic in spirit, as I’ll journey through aural narratives as well as lyrical ones.” 

This vivid combination of synthetic and real elements incorporates a range of instruments from the cello, viola, piano, electric guitar, percussion, and woodwinds. These acoustic elements are blended with imaginative orchestration, original sampling, and sound design. 

“The Veil” has haunting and evocative sounds, creating something very new in its interaction of human and programmed performances. 

Reflecting on this shift to instrumental music, Vitelli emphasizes the openness to listener interpretation that the instrumentals provide. This contrast to the linear narratives in most songwriting is explored further in his new album “1. Ambient Corridors”, which blends genres and allows him to communicate without any words. 

“The Veil” reveals another dimension of his art adding to an already well established instrumental project. 

“The Veil” is now available to listen to on Spotify. 

Stay current with Jason Vitelli on his Website and social media Facebook and Instagram. 

Stream music on YouTube and Spotify. 

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