EMPulsive Exploration: A Sonic Journey Through EMP’s Eclectic EP


Texas instrumental band EMP are Alex Erhardt, Nathan Mays, and Maxx Salazar. They have a brand new EP called Empulsive, which premieres today. 

EMP is a unique and eclectic musical group who blend various genres and influences into their own distinct sound. The combination of progressive rock, jazz, post-punk, and electronic music suggests a rich and diverse musical palette. Adding in the vibraphone brings an unexpected addition to the group. 

Following their signing with Geodesic Records in 2022, this is their first full length foray into the music world.

It is intriguing how Alex, Nathan, and Maxx all come from different musical backgrounds, including punk, heavy metal, and upright bass in rock and roll. This diversity in musical influences and experiences can often lead to innovative and boundary pushing creations.

Opening with the punchy “Tryst Issues”, the vibraphone is set against rhythmic electric guitar and lively percussive elements. This dynamic combination sets the tone for what promises to be an adventurous opening to the rest of the EP. 

“Four on the Flores” is bright, forward looking, with electro pop elements. The synth chords introduces a more futuristic dimension which blends with the overall vibe of the track. 

“Dr. Fillgrave” has a playful, jazzy character with the vibraphone again being a key feature. The addition of dissonant chords introduces an element of tension and unpredictability, which keeps the listener engaged. 

All of the songs on their “Empulsive” debut are written and performed by EMP, except for “African Flower” (written by Duke Ellington / Temp Music) and “Song of Storms” (written by Koji Kondo / Nintendo of America). 

The EP was produced by aCr & EMP, and mixed and mastered by aCr. 

Stay current with EMP on their website www.emphtx.com and Instagram.

Stream music on Bandcamp, Soundcloud and Spotify. 


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