Ariel Arbisser’s New Single Release “Bred for This” Echoes Resilience and Musical Mastery


Ariel Arbisser’s latest single release, “Bred for This,” showcases the artist’s evolution into a mature and compelling force in the realm of dramatic electro-pop. 

With influences from Sara Bareilles, Adele, Alice Russell, and Laura Nyro, Arbisser weaves a tapestry of hypnotic melodies and strong vocals that bring her lyrical depth to life. 

“Bred for This” carries strong vocals and a hypnotic melody and Ariel delivers a well crafted song with memorable lyrics. Her vocals provide richness to the rhythm track, which also demonstrates her professionalism in performance. 

Arbisser’s musical journey, stemming from her roots in middle America Iowa to her current base in Ithaca, New York, reflects a commitment to her true calling in music. The release of her debut solo album, “Risk of Love,” in the face of personal challenges, demonstrated her resilience and garnered acclaim as a heavenly gift to the ear.

Now, with the upcoming album “Ingenue Corrupt,” scheduled for January 2024, Ariel invites listeners into a revealing chapter of her evolving narrative. The album explores themes of love, lust, sub/dom relationships, and societal issues, showcasing personal triumph over adversity. Through therapy, journaling, and community support, she emerges fully embodied, sexy, and energized.

“Bred for This” is a beautifully crafted song that provides a glimpse into Ariel Arbisser’s transformative journey, leaving listeners eager to delve into the forthcoming album. As she continues to navigate the complexities of human emotion through her music, Arbisser proves to be an artist worth keeping a close eye on. 

Ariel Arbisser’s “Bred for This” is out via all digital platforms today.

Stay current with Ariel on her Website and social media Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. 


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