The Americans Release Powerful Video + Anthem with “Land of the Free”


Acclaimed Los Angeles-based band The Americans released their latest video or “Land of the Free,” from the intricate new EP, Strays, today.

“Land of the Free,” is a powerful anthem about homelessness. With a Tom Waits-crooner opening, featuring piano and upright bass, the song falls into a dreamscape of rolling rhythms and shimmering electric guitars. “O’er the land of the freeways,” sings frontman Patrick Ferris, “and the home of the strays.”

The video is a powerful and poignant piece that sheds light on the issue of homelessness in Los Angeles. The video opens with a haunting melody and scenes of people living on the streets, capturing the harsh realities of life without a stable home. Through evocative imagery, the video paints a vivid portrait of individuals from diverse backgrounds who have found themselves in the clutches of poverty and homelessness, highlighting the often unseen struggles faced by those living on the margins of society. As the music intensifies, the video doesn’t shy away from the harsh truths of the issue, but it also portrays moments of resilience and hope, reminding viewers of the strength and humanity that persist in the face of adversity.

The Americans’ “Land of the Free”  is a thought-provoking and emotionally charged exploration of a pressing social issue. The video’s raw and honest portrayal of homelessness, coupled with the band’s compelling performance, makes “Land of the Free” a thought-provoking and socially conscious work of art that strives to make a difference by raising awareness and advocating for change.

Both “Land of the Free,” and Strays is an impressive demonstration of the band’s ability to reinvent rock & roll through the prism of early folk and blues. Patrick Ferris (vocals/guitar), Zac Sokolow (guitar), and Jake Faulkner (bass) deliver an album that lands somewhere between Bruce Springsteen and Nathaniel Rateliff. Over the last several years, they’ve backed Nick Cave, Lucinda Williams, Ashley Monroe, and Devendra Banhart, and joined Ryan Bingham on four national tours. They worked closely with Jack White and T Bone Burnett, joining Nas, Elton John, and Alabama Shakes in the PBS/BBC primetime series American Epic. They have appeared on The Late Show (CBS), and their music was featured in the films Texas Killing Fields, A Country Called Home, Little Glory, and the TV series No Tomorrow.

“Land of the Free” by The Americans is not just a music video; it’s a rallying cry for change and a testament to the power of art to shed light on crucial social issues.

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