Ella Lockert Opens Up With “Whisper All My Secrets”



18-year-old Norwegian artist Ella Lockert has returned with a heartfelt pop hit, “Whisper all my secrets.” Exploring the internal struggles of loving someone who may not be the best for you, “Whisper all my secrets” marks a significant milestone in Lockert’s burgeoning career, adding another electrifying gem to her impressive discography.

“Whisper all my secrets” begins with Lockert’s gentle, emotive vocals harmonizing with a delicate piano accompaniment. As the song crescendos towards its powerful chorus, Lockert passionately sings, “Why do I whisper all my secrets? // Why do I fall for all your lies? // You don’t deserve my love.” 

“Whisper all my secrets” is a captivating, relatable tune, proving Lockert’s progression in the pop game. Since her debut in 2021 with the EP “Confusing,” Lockert’s music has found a place on esteemed radio stations like BBC, Amazing Radio UK and US, and French Doffou Radio. Her latest single stands as a remarkable development in her artistic journey, and anticipation is high for her forthcoming projects.


Keep up with Ella Lockert: Instagram // Youtube // Spotify


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