The 5SOS Show comes to an end


After more than 40 shows across the US, South America and Europe The 5SOS Show had sadly come to an end. Prague had been the city chosen for this last show, and fans were slowly filling the arena as the doors opened, some stopping to buy merch, others already wearing it, but all of them filled with a mix of excitement and sadness.

The night started with Charlotte Sands and then followed by AR/CO who had accompanied 5SOS in all of the Europe dates. Both of the acts giving everything during their last show of the tour while the crowd sang the songs they had had the chance to learn in other dates.

Nine o’clock finally came and the curtain dropped, showing Calum, Luke, Ashton and Michael onstage, and so the screams started along with the first song, “Bad Omens”. Without a stop, “2011” followed and as it did, the energy rose. The setlist continued without giving the audience the chance to stop singing, and we heard “Caramel”, “Easier”, “Blender” and “Babylon”. The night carried on with classics like “She’s Kinda Hot”, “Amnesia” and “Waste the Night” and we were reminded by Michael that this being the last show of the tour, we were having the chance to dance to some songs we might no longer see live ever again.

As we reached the half of the show, the excitement increased as the giant inflatable dice, now a staple of 2023’s 5SOS show, was seen sidestage being held by the band’s team. “Don’t stop” ended and the countdown started as Ashton came down of his usual place to the front of the stage and threw the dice to the crowd, changing roles with Luke who decided to sit on the drums and play the countdown beat. The dice reached the back of the crowd but it managed to make its way back onstage before the countdown ended, laying first on “Voodoo Doll” but lastly laying on “English Love Affair”. The crowd screamed at the result and the song started to play.

“Ghost Of You” followed and we listened Calum’s voice harmonize with Luke’s, shifting the air to one of nostalgia of knowing The 5SOS Show tour was starting to reach its finale. We then listened to some of the 5SOS5 songs like Calum’s lead singing “You Don’t Go To Parties”, Ash’s favourite “Me Myself and I” and “Best Friends”. After that, one of the fans favourite came, “Jet Black Heart” lead by Michael, and was followed by “She Looks So Perfect”, featuring the now recovered punk jump from 2012 at the end of the song.

“Outer Space” was the second to last song and “Youngblood” followed, making the crowd dance one last time. As the last note played, the boys said goodbye and the house lights turned back on, telling us the “best tour they had ever been on” had come to an end.

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