Peach Cooler’s New Track “Money Mouth”: A Vibrant Ode to Sun-Drenched Indie Pop


Peach Cooler stands out as a four-piece ensemble that’s ready to inject energy and life into our musical journey. Led by the dynamic frontwoman, Paige Koehler, Peach Cooler has evolved from humble beginnings as a solo act at local farmers markets into a powerhouse of sound and charisma. Comprising some of San Diego’s finest musicians, the band’s latest release, “Money Mouth”, the third and final single from their EP, is a sun-drenched, sassy indie pop rock anthem that demands attention.

Peach Cooler’s journey from the local farmers’ markets to the stage is emblematic of the band’s growth and evolution. With members drawn from various local bands, including MDRN HSTRY, the Blonde Brothers, and Find Indigo, Peach Cooler represents the culmination of San Diego’s diverse and vibrant music scene. This amalgamation of talent infuses their music with a unique blend of influences, creating a sound that’s impossible to resist.

“Money Mouth” exudes the kind of energy that can transform an ordinary Wednesday night into an unforgettable experience. The track is a thumping disco punk-infused adventure, propelled by a bassline that reverberates through your soul. It’s a song that’s impossible to resist dancing to, thanks to a smiley and energetic drummer who specializes in snappy drum fills that keep the rhythm infectious.

Frontwoman Paige Koehler’s vocals are the heart and soul of Peach Cooler’s sound. With true vocal chops that captivate and an infectious stage presence that commands attention, Paige doesn’t just sing; she takes you on a journey. Her obsession with getting the crowd involved ensures that every Peach Cooler show is not just a concert but an immersive experience.

Musically, “Money Mouth” is a joyride through surfy guitar licks that are as colorful as a California sunset. The brassy vocals add a layer of confidence and sass, making it impossible not to groove along. The inclusion of fuzz in the mix adds a hint of nostalgia, evoking memories of a time when indie pop was unapologetically raw and authentic.

It’s a song that encourages self-reflection and a call to action, all while making you want to dance. With their infectious energy and captivating sound, Peach Cooler continues to establish themselves as a must-listen indie pop band.

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