Cascadent Shows us the “Sunset, In a Sense”



Atlanta based band Cascadent released a hypnotizing new hit entitled “Sunset, In a Sense” this week. Formed in 2016, this five piece prog rock meets post hardcore band is quickly gaining traction in the music scene as they keep producing top tier content. Alongside the romantic love spell that is “Sunset, In a Sense” Cascadent also released a  music video to match that really sets the tone, and is guaranteed to have fans crawling back for more.

While listening to “Sunset, In a Sense” you will be taken on a vivid journey of young, innocent love that we all can relate to in some form. Loving someone and opening your heart is a beautiful risk, sometimes things don’t always last forever and you are left to wonder what’s next, sometimes you find your happy ending. The unknown of someone’s intentions can be exhilarating, terrifying, and painful although in hindsight it is so worth the adventure. We sometimes find ourselves building walls instead of craving vulnerability, when really we should enjoy this ride called life, and find our person. Vocalist, Bradley Pallone once again shows his insane vocal range and limitless control that is simply jaw dropping. Joined together by flawless riffs, and a melody that would brighten even the darkest room Cascadent continues to leave us craving more. With more expected to come in the upcoming months follow the social links below to stay up to date with what’s next.

Listen to “Sunset, In a Sense” anywhere you stream music.


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