LostBoy Kujo Releases “Before I Live”


LostBoy Kujo released a beautiful new song this week titled “Before I Live.” Consisting of a unique pop punk style “Before I Live” is lively and upbeat with a catchy hook. This song is not only addictive to listen to, but takes you on a vivid ride into his mind while composing it.

While listening you will experience captivating lyrics with a nostalgic yet modern vibe that may take you back to a time of love and loss. “Before I Live” is inspired by a relationship that is falling apart, it conveys feelings of not wanting to let go, but knowing that is the best option for both people. LostBoy Kujo conveys his vulnerability and emotion in this new track and its safe to say this can heavily relate to people all around. With more expected in the coming months, click the link below to stay up to date with new releases and more.

Listen to  “Before I Live” anywhere you stream music.

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