Miss Cactus drops “Everybody Wants My Pu$$y”


Pop songstress Miss Cactus released “Everybody Wants My Pu$$y,” a raunchy, unapologetic and real statement on the complex feminine experience. With feather-light vocals and soft production Miss Cactus dreams of being understood and appreciated for her heart, away from the overt sexualization women face in society.

The track is a powerful juxtaposition between the light, breathy quality of Miss Cactus’s voice and the dark lyrics she weaves in. “You better pray, hope you drown in holy water that can burn the power trip away,” she whispers, and muses over men using women to take their own pain away before the hypnotizing chorus floats in once more.

A dancer and multi instrumentalist as well, Miss Cactus carries a uniquely vintage vibe and depth in her work. The Mexican-American artist has been making music since 2021 and is expected to release her next project under the Walls Lane Imprint.

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