Cate Tomlinson Releases Final Track Off Latest EP ‘Blueberry Season’


With four previously released tracks this year, Singer-Songwriter Cate Tomlinson ‘Blueberry Season’ is finally complete with the artist’s latest single “so cool so mean.”


“so cool so mean,” being the final track released of Cate’s latest EP ‘Blueberry Season,’ showcases another side to the artist. Unlike her recent ballads, this song takes a more lively and danceable approach, reflecting the initial complexities of a crush.  The song marks a significant sonic departure as Tomlinson delves into a vibrant pop-rock sound, while the lyrics delve into unexplored facets of her identity and journey. As she delves into this new musical chapter, it’s clear that she’s unafraid to experiment with her sound and explore different genres.

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Cate Tomlinson, a 22-year-old vocalist, lyricist, and live performer hailing from San Francisco, draws her musical influences from the realms of pop, soul, and rock and roll. Having taken the path of a self-made artist, she is now based out of Los Angeles.

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