Emerging Artist Milky Day Releases Latest EP ‘Impulses’


An emerging Korean-New Zealander artist, Milky Day, renowned for his distinctive fusion of R&B and soul melodies, has returned with his most recent EP brimming with emotion, titled ‘Impulses.’

Unveiled on August 22nd, this EP serves as a poignant introspection into the turbulent world witnessed through the artist’s perspective during the restrictive grasp of COVID-19 lockdowns – a shared encounter that unified us all.

Amidst the unparalleled trials faced by the globe due to the pandemic, singer-songwriter Milky Day navigates through songs delving into his individual hardships and personal struggles. Drawing from unfiltered candor and the inescapable ordeals of existence, this body of work signifies a deviation from Milky Day’s conventional motifs of affection. Instead, it delivers an emotionally intense journey into the intricacies and obstacles of life, inspired by genuine openness and the battles life presents.

‘Impulses’ serves as a therapeutic release, extending solace to its audience and assuring them that their challenges are shared experiences. This EP brings to light the origins that motivated its creation. Milky Day states, “Through my observations and life experiences, I realized that everyone struggles with their own inner demons in some shape or form – so I’ve been exploring more general themes of life struggles and suffering through my music, as you’ll hear in my upcoming EP.”

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WHO IS MILKY DAY Hailing from New Zealand and educated at Amherst College in the United States, where he graduated with a double major in Math and Music, Milky Day is a rising star in the R&B scene. His technical prowess in music production, influenced by his mathematical background, is a testament to his commitment to his craft. Simultaneously, his exceptional songwriting skills showcase his boundless creativity and ability to connect with his audience. Milky Day has released several popular tracks, including “You’ll Be Alright” and “Take it Slow,” which have gained significant traction on streaming platforms, with over 47 million combined plays on Spotify alone. As Milky Day continues to evolve and experiment with his sound, fans eagerly anticipate the release of his upcoming EP, which promises to be a powerful testament to his growth and artistic maturity. Stay tuned for more updates on Milky Day’s musical journey, and join him as he fearlessly bares his soul through his heartfelt compositions.


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