Star Abelar is having a “Sad Girl Summer”


Star Abelar, with an impressive 11.6 TikTok followers, has released the first song from her new artist project, “Sad Girl Summer.” 

The track captures the emotions and experiences of someone going through a difficult time, especially during a season typically associated with happiness and fun…summer. The song’s lyrics express feelings of sadness and a desire to isolate oneself from the world. 

The chorus serves as a powerful refrain, emphasizing the artist’s desire to have her space to cope and heal. The repetition of the phrase “Im having a sad girl summer / All these boys they make me wanna die / I don’t want to be a bummer / So let / Me stay / In bed and cry” add a sense of vulnerability and raw emotion, highlighting the contrast between societal expectations and her inner turmoil living in LA.

The bridge introduces a shift in perspective, addressing the external factors that contribute to her emotional state. The lines “All these boys keep hitting my phone / Please don’t call leave me alone” and “My parents are calling me lazy / They tell me to get outta bed” further convey the struggle to maintain connections while grappling with personal challenges.

The song’s relatable lyrics and catchy melody allow listeners to connect with the artist’s experiences and emotions, making it a resonant debut for Star’s new artist project.

Stream “Sad Girl Summer” on Spotify.

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