Alex Amor looks at the brighter side in “Time To Smile”


Credit: Mila Austin

London based indie pop artist Alex Amor released her latest single “Time To Smile”, a feel good anthem for positivity and pushing through the bad times.

“Time to Smile” has a simple premise: bad things will happen, but there’s always a good reason to be happy. Amor doesn’t negate the difficulties that arise in life, she offers the listener an invitation to regroup, take a deep breath and smile. The song is uplifting, emotional, and relatable; it’s like a comforting hug that helps you shake off the sadness.

The energetic melody is immediately inspiring, with a soft drum beat that explodes in the chorus. The track subtly incorporates some electronic elements to accentuate the positive vibes in the lyrics, while also adding to the bubbly atmosphere it evokes. It’s impossible not to sing along and, well, smile.

Check out the music video for “Time To Smile” below”

“Time To Smile” is now available on all streaming platforms.

Keep up with Alex Amor: Instagram // Facebook // TikTok


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