Steel Pulse pulls reggae lovers to Pelham


The caverns in Pelham, Tennessee were awfully special this past July 4th, having one of the most iconic reggae bands of 48 years perform; Steel Pulse. As the crowd headed into the show, fireflies lit up the path into the cool-aired cave. Steel Pulse’s frontman, David Hinds kicked off the performance with the infatuating energy that reverberated through the cavern.

The band’s signature fusion of reggae, roots, and ska washed over the room. Their message of equality shined brightly, and indubitably echoed through the hearts of each listener. Their lyrics address social injustices, systemic oppression, and the importance of unity. Steel Pulse played their iconic songs, “Your House,” “Chant a Psalm”, and their newest release, “Five Years.” This audience was filled with dedicated followers as well as bringing their family and the next generation. Amlak Tafari, the bassist, always manages to hype a crowd up, starting the show with getting a security guard to play a few bars with him on stage.

Steel Pulse’s stage presence was equally captivating. Hinds, a natural showman, effortlessly commanded attention with his commanding voice and magnetic charisma throughout the whole evening. While leaving the cavern, flickering fireflies gave the feeling of a reminder that the spirit of Steel Pulse will continue to shine brightly, guiding us towards a more just and harmonious world.

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Photos and Review by: Al Mahaffey (@alunohalf)

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