Ron Pope honors the love in his life with ‘Inside Voices’


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Every day, we get pulled in different directions. With each turn, each twist, the things we value most in life may change. One day, we value our friendships more than anything; the next day, we value our romantic relationships. Whatever we choose to focus on, though, it is best to appreciate them right now, before it is too late. Careful not to let too much time pass before he gets the chance to acknowledge what he has, Ron Pope gives us his new album, Inside Voices, which is a dedication to his wife and all they have built together.

For Ron, love is something that is better shown than said, and he addresses this idea throughout the album. He opens up about the importance of “Body Language” on the opening track, taking note of how attractive it is to find someone who can match your energy so well. With his warm and confident vocals, he sings, “You speak my body language / You’re the only one on Earth / I’m gonna listen to you / Like a choir of angels,” determined to hold this person close. On the heartfelt piano-based ballad “Love is a Thing You Do,” Ron gives us more details about the actions he takes to show his love. He believes that there is more to love than meets the eye, singing, “I will kiss you in the morning and before you shut your eyes” and “I will give you all there is of me until my days are through / Because love is a thing you do.” He turns the tables on “Make Me Stay,” where he asks for the same kind of love and gestures in return. The longing in his voice is palpable when Ron sings, “Love me like you’re trying to make me stay,” wanting more.

Aside from gestures and body language, there is always the notion of going through life without your other half that can make you realize how strong your love is for them. On “The Real Thing,” Ron allows the idea of losing his wife to overwhelm him, making him realize that there is nothing worse than her death. The swells of the piano and the light strings make it a dramatic moment, Ron delivering raw lines like, “I’ve seen enough fake to know the real thing / I used to be afraid / But I am not now / I drove myself away / But I have learned how / To let the fear go / And the light in / Now I won’t let you down again.” This vulnerability comes through again on “To Be Without You,” where Ron teams up with Ira Wolf and Robby Hecht. It’s an apologetic offering driven by the concept of losing the person who means the most to you; you will forgive, you will apologize – basically anything that you have to do to preserve the love because nothing is more important than staying together.

By reflecting on his wife and all they have experienced, Ron also turns towards the world they have built together. He gives us an ode to his family on “The Good Old Days,” knowing that they won’t always be making memories together the way they are now. With his rich vocals that enhance the folk vibe of the track, he sings, “One day we’ll long for the chaos of this crowded, messy house / ‘Cause the good old days are happening now,” treasuring the time they have. He knows that everyone will grow older and grow apart, but not prematurely. On “You’re OK,” he gives his daughter words of advice and support, hoping that she will take them to heart one day. The lilting guitar gives the track an innocent charm, making it a safe space as Ron sings, “It’s okay to be afraid / In fact, sometimes you’ve got to be / Just don’t let your fears come carry you away / You’re OK.”

With this album, Ron makes it clear that there is real love and meaning and understanding in his life, and all of that keeps him going. By playing down the production on these songs with mostly piano or guitar accompaniment, he is able to let the emotions come out and the lyrics shine. The fire and the warmth in his voice is also there to ground these tracks, making them a comforting listen. Overall, Inside Voices is a reminder to pay attention. Appreciate who is in your life and remember why they are around. Take the time to tell someone how much you love them, and raise your inside voice a little louder.

You can listen to Inside Voices on platforms like Apple Music and Spotify.

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