Inhaler celebrate latest album ‘Cuts & Bruises’ with a sold-out Electric Ballroom


Irish indie-rock band Inhaler brought their latest album Cuts & Bruises to London a sold-out show at Electric Ballroom. The show was the last of their tour, and the band made sure it was a special one for both themselves and all their dedicated fans.

Opening the night was fellow Irish indie singer Lucy McWilliams, who performed a lovely warm up set alongside her 3-piece band. The singer showcased her powerful vocals, leaving the audience in awe of her talent.

When the lights dimmed the cowboy hat filled audience screamed with excitement, all waiting eagerly to see their favourite Irish men take to the stage. Elijah Hewson, Robert Keating, Josh Jenkinson and Ryan McMahon take to the stage as the lights strobe and kick off with their standout track “These Are The Days”. The energy within the venue was purely euphoric as the fans sang the lyrics back to the band. Following on from this Inhaler went on the perform fan favourite “We Have To Move On”, which of course received an incredible reaction from the sold-out venue. Frontman Elijah and guitarist Josh showcased their insane guitar skills with an epic guitar riff towards the end of this. They continued the jam-packed set with performances of “Totally” and “When It Breaks”. Next on the set is an iconic fan favourite “My King Will Be Kind”, which of course featured an iconic moment where the sold-out crowd shouted the lyrics ‘I f***ing hate that b*tch’ back to the band.

Inhaler certainly let the music do the talking during the gig, choosing not to include many speaking breaks despite a few small moments of expressing their gratitude for the audience. They continued to showcase their stellar discography with performances of “Valentine”, “Dublin In Ecstasy” and “Love Will Get You There”. The setlist was obviously carefully curated, as it had the perfect mix of high-energy and calmer tracks. They performed bittersweet ballad “If Your Gonna Break My Heart” right before kicking off into “Cheer Up Baby and what is arguably one of Inhalers biggest songs yet, the high-energy track “My Honest Face”, which send the crowd absolutely crazy. Both band and fans alike were having an amazing time, Elijah got so into it that he knocked his mic stand over by the end.

As the band took the Camden-based venue for the final time of the night they went straight into the catchy track “Just To Keep You Satisfied”. The bands kept the loop going for a bit longer to hear the fans singing ‘la-la la-la la la just to keep you satisfied’ back to them. The final song of what was a truly brilliant night of live music from Inhaler was “It Won’t Always Be Like This”, sending the fans crazy for one last time. If you have yet to see Inhaler, please take this as your notice to go buy some tickets to see them live soon. The Irish quartet are rapidly growing their fan base and it certainly won’t be long until we see them sell out arenas.

Catch Inhaler at their upcoming shows worldwide here.

Words and photos by Megan Wales-Harding.

Keep up with the artists on social media:

Inhaler: Website // Instagram // Twitter// YouTube

Lucy McWilliams: Instagram // Twitter

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