Shame’s Post Punk Era


Nearly half a year since Shame came to town, Nashville made sure to show up. The band never ceases to rile up the crowd and within the first fifteen minutes Charlie Steen (lead singer of Shame) was carried through the crowd. Touring with their newest album, Food for Worms, Nashville was sure to sing late into the night. They supplied the attitude of punk and beautiful friendship through lyrics in the latest album, providing a new taste to their craft.

Hearts were full as they played top hits “Top Rizla,” “Concrete,” and “Snow Day” jumping from each side of the room. Josh Finerty (bassist) brought his brilliant abilities in being a highly animated musician as he takes great leaps across the stage. Charlie Forbes (drummer) gave irresistible beats to the end of the set. All the while Eddie Green (guitarist) and Sean Coyle-Smith (guitarist) kept their cool being tranquil throughout the set while jamming hard.

Check the guys out as their tour has just begun!
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Review and Gallery by Al Mahaffey @alunhalf

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