KESMAR brings the past to us on ‘Always Chasing Rainbows’


Recommended Tracks: “Day by Day”, “Change My Name”, “Is It You I Miss”
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Until the day finally arrives when we get the first-ever fully functional time machine, we have plenty of equipment to simulate the experience. For instance, while we can’t go back in time to the 60s or 70s to have live experiences of the feel-good songs we know and love today, we can make music that sounds as if it is pulled straight from those eras. To do so, analog technology, antique instruments, and similar recording styles are utilized, as heard on KESMAR’s Always Chasing Rainbows. The Sydney-based artist has a passion and love for old-school equipment and music, which we find on each of the album’s eight tracks. Together, we step into another world, full of rainbows, merry melodies, and timeless emotions.

KESMAR establishes the theme of the album quite early on, which focuses on that feeling of going after something that will live forever – “always chasing rainbows,” in other words. After hearing the heavenly intro track that features the “always chasing rainbows” tagline, KESMAR seeks positivity and optimism on “Day by Day.” It captures the feeling of wanting to be alright even when you are down, portrayed through the shimmering riffs, funky rhythms, and light horns. With sunny vocals, KESMAR observes, “I’m on my way / Just take it day by day,” building up that hopeful mood. The following “Out of Luck” is a step in another direction lyrically, as it focuses on the effects of covid isolation or quarantine. Still, the track conveys a bubbly spirit, its charming 60s pop melodies, twinkling effects, and warm choruses offsetting the heavier verses and suspenseful chord changes.

Throughout the album, KESMAR relies on himself to make the changes or the moves that are necessary for improvement instead of depending on others. He takes responsibility for a falling out on “Change My Name,” which was inspired by issues he was having with a friend. On the track, he accepts that what he did was wrong, singing, “I wasn’t there enough for you / And I guess time was just waiting for the truth.” Giving the track some edge, KESMAR incorporates electric guitar into the verses, which mix well with the happy-go-lucky rhythms, keyboard chords, and steady hi-hat heard throughout. He also acknowledges a commitment to do better on “Shine A Light,” where he confesses, “It’s up to me / I need to want it / Sometimes it hurts just to be honest.” As much as he wants to try, he can’t help but feel frustrated. He later questions if it really is all up to him, making it one of the moodier tracks on the album.

Even though KESMAR grapples with his actions, there is no question that love will always be a motivating factor. We get a sense of how much he values love on “Is It You I Miss,” where he fixates on the loss of it in his life. Over easy-going guitars and horns, he takes account of his feelings during a breakup, leading him to ask, “Is it you I miss?” These questions go a little deeper on “Is It Me or Is It Love,” a buzzy track that acts as the second phase of the breakup. Accompanied by skippy melodies and pleasant pings, KESMAR sings, “I’m on my knees / I don’t know what I will ever do without you” and asks, “Could I still be the one? / Is it me or is it love?” There is a sense of closure on “Dreaming About You,” which is one of the more lovey-dovey tracks we hear. KESMAR paints an intimate scene on this track, his tender vocals enhancing the pop ballad feel of the song. He shares, “You say forever but that’s not enough time / ‘Cause my heart could not be without you” and “I know you’re the one that I can’t live without / And I want you to know there’s never a doubt,” making it a sweet listen.

In the end, the rainbows that KESMAR is always chasing after are in his grasp. He has placed himself back in the 60s and 70s, finding tools and technology to replicate the music he enjoys so much. Be it a Yamaha CP70 or an abundance of tape machines, he made sure this process was done right. Along with these pieces of equipment, KESMAR has infused his own vocal stylings and lyrics to give these tracks their personality, making them fun to take in and a pleasure to connect to. If KESMAR needs to always chase those rainbows, so be it – the experience is definitely worth capturing and enjoying forever.

You can listen to Always Chasing Rainbows on platforms like Apple Music, Spotify, and SoundCloud.

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