Lolo Zouaï’s PLAYGIRL tour takes NYC


American-French-Algerian Artist Lolo Zouaï brought her PLAYGIRL tour to NYC on Thursday night.

Not one to be put in a box (except for that of her stage show), Lolo’s music is a blend of R&B, club-pop, and hip-hop. Inspired by classical French songs from her mother’s side and the Arab influence from her father’s, Lolo’s newest album PLAYGIRL is a combination of her greatest influences.

Starting her show with the stage in total darkness as the first notes of “pl4g1rl” begin to ring out, Lolo entered through a large white box (the same as that in the PLAYGIRL album art) before performing “pl4g1rl” and “Galipette.”

Fans screamed as she moved into tracks from her 2019 debut album High Highs to Low Lows with “Ride” and “Caffeine” before sitting on the stage in a “bedroom” setup to perform “VHS” and “Picking Berries.”

Lolo’s fervent energy continues as both her and the audience feed off each other for “Blue” and “Brooklyn Love.” She continues to take fans through her digital-arcade world with “Don’t Buy Me Flowers” and “Tamagotchi” before moving into playful tracks “Open the Door,” “Room,” and “Give Me a Kiss.”

The night continued with “Moi,” “Gummy Bear,” and “Skin & Bones” before Lolo closed her set with “Desert Rose” and “High Highs to Low Lows.” She then left the stage before re-entering her Playgirl box to perform her encore of “Crazy Sexy Dream Girl” and “Free Trial.”

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Photos by Ann Storlie (@ast_lie) and Website
Keep up with Lolo Zouaï: Website // Instagram // Twitter


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