Bedon’s “Woah”: Break-Downs and Heart-Break


“A second album is on the way. I hope you love it.”

After releasing his debut album, Morning, Bedon headed straight to Nashville, Tennessee, unwavering in his pursuit. 3 years have passed, and he is nearly ready to share his sophomore album with the world. Bedon (pronounced bee-din) is the solo-project of Bedon Lancaster, a Mississippi-born musician raised in New Orleans, Louisiana and Memphis, Tennessee. It all started with the release of Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock – Lancaster fell in love with guitar-driven music, and the rest is history. Fast forward to today, and it’s obvious this love is stronger than ever. The artist has released a string of singles to promote his second album, kicking off the cycle with “Woah,” and keeping listeners hooked with the most recent single, “Waking Up Slow.”

Woah” strikes a wicked balance between grunge and dream-pop, layering garage riffs over a twinkling backdrop. The introductory verse builds, layer upon layer, then suddenly retreats. Bedon sings his hook, “And I was fine until I found you standing by the fireside,” and we’re off again. The chorus features a light and bright riff that enhances the soundscape Bedon has built, like a midnight sky speckled with stars. Throughout “Woah,” he considers risking the comfort of a friendship to pursure a real relationship, unsure if he should dive head-first or tread carefully. A crackling bonfire rises and falls in the background, a scene heavy with potential. Stumbling through break-downs and heart-break, Bedon ends the track with one question: “Will we ever go on?”

Listen to “Woah”:

Keep up with Bedon: Instagram // Website


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